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We know that if your equipment goes down on a Friday night that you can’t wait until Monday morning to get it fixed. We have technicians on call from 8:00 AM till 1:00 AM seven days a week for all support needs. We also hot shot products seven days a week in case you run out.


Advanced Beverages

Introducing our new line of Tex-Mex™ Frozen Mixers and Bar Mixes

To build on the latest trend in pure cane sugar and help your sales grow with that trend, Advanced Beverages™ has introduced two new lines of Frozen Mixers and Bar Mixes.

What’s so special?

These mixers and mixes are all made with pure cane sugar – the superior choice for taste. Your customers will notice the enhanced taste in these custom-blended mixes which have been specifically designed to bring out the flavors in top-shelf drinks. Pure cane sugar is catching on fast with consumers interested in more flavor without the high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

And to really help set your bar apart, Advanced Beverages™ is offering its new flavor, Prickly Pear, to its full line of mixers. This can be mixed with tequila, vodka or rum… or your choice, to create a signature drink for your venue.

To try any of our new Tex-Mex™ Mixers, one call does it all at: 972-488-9339