At Advanced Beverages we take service to a whole new level.
We know that if your equipment goes down on a Friday night that you can’t wait until Monday morning to get it fixed. We have technicians on call from 8:00 AM till 1:00 AM seven days a week for all support needs. We also hot shot products seven days a week in case you run out.


Advanced Beverages

Advanced Beverages wants to be your partner in helping to make you successful. Our years of experience and data have taught us a few things we hope will be useful for you. Please let us know if there is something you’d like to see here.

How Can I Increase My Bar’s Revenue?
In today’s world, building a relationship with your customers is critical to your success. You want them to visit you more often and stay longer. But to keep them engaged, you’ve got to do something for them:

  • Mix and serve drinks the way you would want to be served
  • Offer something new – a new drink, a new menu or a special featured drink
  • Give something back – offer your customers an occasional promotion or deal
  • Promote an event – a special motivation for your customers to come visit you

Promoting an event can be a great way to engage your customers, build traffic and promote your business through word-of-mouth advertising. To do this well, planning should start about six months in advance, and you might develop a promotion calendar that helps focus your theme.

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For example:

Holiday / Event Start Planning Event Timing
Mardi Gras August February
St. Patrick’s Day September March
Sports Playoffs Year-round Year-round
Spring Graduation November May-June
Summer is here! / Summer Holidays December June-July
Fall / Holiday Office Get-together April September-October
Super Bowl August February
March Madness September March
Cinco de Mayo November May
Back to School March August-September
New Year’s Eve July December 31

A partial checklist of things to help make your event a big success:

  • Develop a theme to get people engaged
  • Book a great band
  • Plan to change-up your bar a bit: add seasonal decorations
  • Offer a special (new) drink or appetizers at a special price to put your customer in the party mood
  • Plan to get the word out early to your customers – get on their calendars!

What Can I Do To Lower My Costs?
Being efficient in today’s environment is absolutely mandatory for success. So what things can you do to lower the capital investment in your bar and keep your costs down, while continuing to provide your customers everything they expect – and more?

Planning your business ahead of time and understanding what you really need is a great way to cut down on buying too much or buying the wrong things.

Advanced Beverage has a proprietary system that can help you understand what equipment you need and how much – without buying or leasing too much. Our sales planning system, backed with years of data from venues like yours, can show you how to lower your investment in your inventory, minimize the space you devote to stock, and keep the stock fresher. This means:

  • Lower costs to start up and run your business
  • More space for customers, less for storage
  • Fresher, better-tasting drinks for your customers
  • More money in your pocket!

Ask Advanced Beverages about their sales planning system and how it can help you increase your profits!